Let’s Get the 800-pound Gorilla Out of the Room

Because if I’m going to lose more friends over this, I want to lose them now and not later. The tenets of Veridicanism are in the group description, as well as the post below.

But there’s something else…

I identify personally with two characters in the Gospel more than any others (besides Jesus, of course). The Magi and the thief on the cross.

The thief on the cross (aka The Penitent Thief) is how we are saved and how our election is made obvious to ourselves and others. Read Luke 23:39-43.

I put no other doctrine on salvation. You realize what you are, you accept you deserve death for who you are, and you see and admire that Jesus is better than you, and you know he has a Kingdom that is not of this world, and you ask him to remember you, so you can be with him.

If you can do that truly in your heart–you are one of the elect.


The Magi were the first to find Christ and recognize him as a king. They saw his star and followed it, and gave him expensive precious gifts–just like we are to give our gifts to the king. What are your gifts you will give to Christ?

The Magi were sorcerers from Persia. Sorcery is a type of witchcraft, in fact, it’s considered “dark witchcraft.” You do know that, right? The Magi were renowned for their abilities with astrology, and it is from them that we get the word “magic.”

Tarot cards are the sister art to astrology. They were created in the 15th Century, and they display either astrological or Christian symbolism. That’s it. They are not mentioned in the Bible, and they are no different than when the disciples, in the book of Acts, used miracle lots to decide who would replace Judas. Only God can order the universe; so, only God can order the cards, and I believe he uses them as a means of prophecy. There is no difference in principle between tarot and the accepted gift of tongues and the interpretation of tongues. They are both a form of prophecy.

I practice both, I am very good at them, and I will continue to do so in the name of Jesus Christ.

This isn’t your grandmother’s Christianity. Leave the group now, or if you’re curious, stick around and see where the rabbit hole ends up.

As for me, God has made it clear. I am to do this group–even if no one is in it. I am to publish the official website for Veridicanism (aka Veridical Christianity), I am to populate a blog with content, make videos as often as I can, publish the final edition of the Veridican Gospel of Jesus Christ, and last but not least, publish a book on Veridicanism and the Elect of Christ.

Then I can die. Thank you for reading this long post. ✝️

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