A Conversation with Joshua

Elect of Jesus Christ: The only lives that matter.

Joshua Taylor wrote:

Edward Gordon I think Jesus would say come he all who labor and I will give you rest, he didn’t say “come here elected individuals” he said “ALL”

Also, I believe this is a false gospel, that Jesus only died for a few, not all. This institutes that God created some people for their sole purpose being to spend eternity in Hell. And that’s not what my bible tells me.

My bible tells me that his will is for no one to perish. No one means no one my friend. Also, the idea that you are “rewriting” your own so called gospel, is what I would say a back handed slap to the face. The Bible was perfect without any addition. The gospel of Thomas was taken out for a reason. Is it good to read for history? Yes, quite so, but the HOLY BIBLE needed nothing more.

You had messaged me and said you had turned from this but you’re right back at it.

Edward Gordon replied:

Joshua Taylor No one? That can’t be true, because that would contradict Judas’s role in the world. So, that cannot be true.

The Gospel of Thomas was never “taken out.” It was never even considered. And, I would agree that it is not necessary, but only in the sense that none of the five works of the Veridican canon are necessary in themselves. If you discarded all of them and kept only one, you’d have all you need.

And I did message you and said I had turned from it. And I am back. That is true. I’m not back to the occult, mind you, but Veridicanism is something God has created me for. I cannot run from it no matter how hard I try. And, from your perspective, it’s even worse, because there is also a form of Veridican Astrology and Tarot.

No, actually, I think it gets even deeper down the rabbit hole than that. I believe I am one of the two witnesses that come before the end times–mentioned in Revelation. And, thought not necessarily material to Veridicanism, I believe I am the reincarnation of the Apostle Andrew in that regard. I am not sure if I, personally, am one of the witnesses, but it may be that Veridicanism is that “witness.” That bit of eschatology will have to be continued later.

Also, Veridicanism separates its adherents from the Christian Church as it stands today. It redefines what the Church is. From a Veridican perspective, the Church is an evil institution that is nothing more than a bride waiting for the Antichrist, and the True Church is the individual elected Christian.

None of this is new, by the way. Veridicanism has been around in one form or another for 26 years. And you must understand something–I’m not looking for “followers.” I have a mandate from God to create this thing, to write the Veridican Gospel of Jesus Christ (which was first completed in 2005), to write what will be a guidebook for the Elect of Jesus Christ, and to publish the website and talk about these things online. Make some videos.

My only hope is that I will be able to make a case for it that you will be able to accept. And I say that, because you seem like a good guy, and I hope you’re one of the Elect.

But if I cannot, and if I die without one person walking the Veridican path with me, then how will that be any different than where my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, found himself at the end of his earthly life? It is enough that I am like my teacher, you know?

Now, you can leave the group, block me, run away–but I suggest you don’t I suggest you at least see where it all goes.

As to why, Joshua, I’ll tell you: I became a Veridican because of some really bad experiences with the Christian Church right after I was born again in 1993. I come back to it, and I find not only has nothing changed, but it’s become significantly worse. We could have had the same Church we have today by worshiping the Roman gods. The Church has recrucified Jesus Christ. No one even cares about him. And I can tell you this (from the depths of my soul, where Andrew still resides) Jesus, if you knew him, would be considered by the Church today to be one of the most evil cult leaders to have ever existed. You’d have him killed. Actually, you’d have someone far lesser killed–Jesus you’d crucify.

Veridicanism is my honor to promote. It is my redemption, because I was a coward and ran away and left Jesus to die alone. To have this chance, to be given it by Him who sits at the right hand of Power, is my joy–even if I’m ignored, or ostracized, or persecuted. No more running away.

Thanks for reading. ✝️

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