The Dizziness of Modern Christianity

I am completely lost. I am utterly confused. I thought if I returned to traditional Christianity, I’d find peace and strength in a unified vision of Jesus Christ, but that isn’t what I have found at all.

No one agrees on ANYTHING.

In the Christian groups I go into–no one even agrees on how a person is saved. The very basic tenet of Christianity–salvation through Christ–is totally split. Some say faith only; some say you have to do certain works; some say it’s both. Some say the “saved” were predestined to be saved; other say anyone can be saved. Some will actually tell you you are going to hell unless you were “dunked” in water as opposed to sprinkled with water, and yet, no one can really define what “baptism” is.

The coup de gras was a Christian telling me that because I didn’t believe the dust coming over from Africa (an annual event, btw) was part of the end times–then I must be against reading the Bible. How am I supposed to win?

I was a Veridican. I was one of the Elect. I thought I should repent of that. But I was wrong.

I AM A VERIDICAN. My Christianity is Veridicanism. At least in my one-man religion (two, if you include my wife) I had some damn dignity. Everyone called me a heretic–but they’re doing that now!

I have 20 or 30 solid Bible verses that talk about the predestination of those who are saved and about the Elect in Christ, but when I preach that–I’m called a heretic.

I was recently kicked out of a Christian group–I can’t even remember why now. It was over some ridiculous point of theology–I remember that. So, after the admin kicks me out for being a heretic, he then immediately messages me and wants to carry on the conversation. I did not oblige him.

No matter which way I turn, I’m a heretic. And I’m getting dizzy.

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