Would Hillary Have Been Better?

I myself have become politically celibate for religious reasons. But I do think a lot of support for Trump now rests on simply not wanting to be wrong. That said, we (Trump supporters) were not wrong only a few months ago.

But if a biological weapon has been released in an effort to sabotage rising U.S. superiority in the world, if a disease was released to prevent the U.S. from overtaking China economically, if that pandemic has been fully utilized by the Democratic Party to derail Trump’s success as president, then that’s not something Trump–or anyone else–can survive politically.

Because what’s a president to do? If it was known that a nation launched a biological attack that has killed 500K people, how could you avoid WWIII? Trump is not a war president. We’ve always known that. We elected a businessman for a reason.

Hillary? Oh, that one is easy: If Hillary had been elected, there never would have been a COVID outbreak. Plain and simple.

I think I may have just violated my celibacy. 😟

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