The Elect Care More About Christ than the Bible

If you think that out there somewhere is the correct interpretation of the Bible, you are mistaken. Among Christians, almost no one agrees on anything. It’s not about all the different denominations of Christianity, that’s one thing, but even more shocking is that any two Christians reading the same passage of the Bible may come away with different conclusions. I’m talking theologians, not just lay Christians, but learned scholars, too.

No one agrees on salvation: what is required, how it happens, whether it’s for everyone or just some, whether you can lose it once you have it. No one agrees on the end times—no one has “the right interpretation of Revelation.” That book, along with Daniel and Ezekiel are as mysterious today as they ever have been since they were first read.

Even the teachings of Jesus are up for debate—obviously, they are up for debate. No one can figure out if Jesus wants us to be rich or poor, if we can pray for anything in faith or just God’s will, or if miracles are even supposed to happen today. No one can even agree on what teachings of Jesus are meant for us and which ones were just for the disciples of his day.

You go into these Christian groups on Facebook and CHRISTIANS are throwing vile insults at each other over doctrinal points that no one knows the answer to—that no one has EVER known the answer to. I made a comment to one that the dust coming over from Africa is a natural occurrence every year. Because I disagreed with her, she accused me of not believing in the Bible. OVER THE WEATHER—I was beat down with the Bible.

To the Elect, the Bible is a guide. It is the Word of God, but to the Elect, the relationship they FEEL with Christ is the most important thing to them, because whether they understand the Bible or not, they are in the arms of Christ regardless. It is all the dead and perishing that search and search the scriptures over and over with fine-toothed combs who are trying to grasp something that is totally lost on them—the love of God and His Son, Jesus Christ.

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