It’s All for the Elect

Salvation is not for everyone.

God made a special race of people, for His own purpose, that would be conformed to the image of his Son. It was always his intention to include these people from the beginning of creation. They are appointed to eternal life by God. They are predestined to be saved.

In life, they are attracted to Jesus Christ, and Jesus Christ welcomes them unconditionally. They are able to hear the truth and believe it. That is what makes them special among other human beings. So, even if it looks like they “chose” Jesus Christ, they only chose because they were designed to choose.

They are called by God, they are justified by God, and glorified by God. Their names appear in what John called “The Book of Life.” Each one has an angel assigned to watch over them.

Whether it seems fair or unfair, God has a “purpose of election” and while many are called from the human race, only a few are chosen from it. These are the elect. God loves the elect.

All evangelical efforts are aimed at the elect as part of God’s purpose of election. Witnesses to Christ are essentially waking up the elect.

These elect are the ones who will be resurrected in the new heaven and earth on the last day at the end of the age.

In the Bible, whenever words like anyone, whosever, all those, etc., are pronouns for the elect only. Those who are not elect will never be saved–not ever. Those who are elect will never be lost–not ever.

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