The Mark is Not a Microchip

It’s not a microchip. The mark of the beast is like a brand that says you belong to the beast. The right hand and forehead are symbolic. The right hand is your will and authority. It’s what you sign papers with. It’s what you raise in court to swear an oath (obviously, unless you’re left-handed, but you get the idea).

The forehead represents the doctrine you follow. It is your mind; it is what you believe.

You see, the kingdom of the Antichrist is not the world, per se. It is what we are now calling the Church. What we now call the Church or Christendom, will no longer exist as we know it. It will follow the beast and it will be the theocratic party of the beast, for lack of a better term.

But it doesn’t matter, there will come a point when true Christians, if you hold the ideas of what now make up a fundamentalist belief in Christ, will be considered a hate group–or even a terrorist organization. We will be counted as criminals, though we will be innocent as doves.

The Church is already almost entirely given over to the beast. The Catholic Church was first, the Protestants split off, but now they are almost given over with the prosperity Gospel, and notice that in recent years, there is a great reconciliation occurring between Catholics and Protestants. But, I digress.

The Mark of the Beast is following and acting in accord with the new Church of the Antichrist. Whatever it is called.

Thank you for reading this.


  1. I disagree with your opinion that says the mark of the beast is symbolical ,I afirm that it is literally ,and it will happen soon,as days goes by.

    • But if it was literally the number 666 put on the back of the hand or the forehead–why would anyone fall for it? Besides, John said that it was the number of a man, 666. So, it’s about the man associated with whatever that number means, not the number itself. In my opinion.

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